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Criminal Defense Case Results

Certified Criminal Law Specialist

Certified Criminal Law Specialist









"The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand."

                                                            Vince Lombardi 

This list represent only a very small fraction of the countless courtroom victories of Criminal Defense Attorney Dyke Huish.

​Not Guilty - First Degree Murder with Special Circumstances

Mr. Huish's client was a local Dentist charged with using a hit man to kill her former husband.  The case centered on evidence involving wire taps, witness statements, forensic accountings and a jailhouse snitch.  The Riverside Police spent months completing a full time investigation before they arrested Mr. Huish's client in a daylight raid at her dental office. For the next two years, Mr. Huish fought the DA and the Court to both obtain a fair trial and full discovery of all the evidence.  

No case is more sensation, gut wrenching or dramatic than a First Degree Murder and in Riverside County such a case had not been won by any defense attorney in more than 7 years.  After a six weeks trial that had all the tension and drama of anything every seen on the screen the jury came back with a Not Guilty Verdict on all charges.  Mr. Huish's client was free at last.  The Co-Defendant's in the case were both convicted.

Dismissal -  Felony Sales/Drug Case

Mr. Huish's client was a local Sales Executive who on occasion did in fact smoke marijuana.  One afternoon a friend showed up asking the client if he wanted to buy a full kilo of marijuana for a small price.  The friend was supposedly leaving the county for several months and wanted to get rid of his marijuana.  The client agreed to buy the kilo and when he walked out to see it, the FBI, DEA and Orange County Sheriff arrested him for sales and distribution of over a kilo of marijuana.  Mr. Huish immediately recognized this as a set up by a snitch trying to work off his arrest. 

After a series of successful motions, Mr. Huish demonstrated that the snitch in fact was just trying to set up someone in order to get out of his own mess.  The case was pushed into full scale litigation. The DA agreed with Mr. Huish before a trial became necessary and all charges where dismissed.

Dismissal -  P.C. Section 211 - Robbery 

Mr. Huish's client was a Father of three sons in San Clemente who was accused of committing a robbery when he took Chinese food from a delivery man by force.  The case centered on a driver who continually drove reckless down the families street when delivering food.  This created an altercation when the client attempted to stop the drivers reckless actions.  However, the driver called the police first and the gentleman was arrested on charges of assault and robbery.  The family contacted their business attorney who then called Mr. Huish.  After a week of investigation and videotaping the driver on other delivery's the defense was ready to show the prosecutors how this case was improperly being viewed.    After ananan afternoon presentation all charges were dropped.


Not Guilty - Three Million Dollar Fraud and Grand Theft

Mr. Huish's client was implicated in an alleged swindle of a Los Angels Police Lieutenant that claimed he had been take for over three million dollars.  The case involved a complicated series of Bank Guarantees out of Switzerland.  Mr. Huish's client was accused of being at the center of the scheme which resulted in millions of dollars in loss.

After nearly three full weeks of trial, Mr. Huish conclusively presented facts which showed that his client was tricked by the other fraudsters as well.  The jury agreed and rendered a not guilty verdict on all six counts of Tax Evasion, Grand Theft and Fraud.


Substantial Sentence Reduction - $400 Million Dollar Fraud Case


Mr. Huish's client was accused of multiple counts of Licensing Violations, Grand Theft and Fraud in an alleged Ponzi Type Scheme that ultimately included almost 15% of the entire population of San Luis Obispo County.  While Mr. Huish's client conceded there had been licensing violations he maintained and still maintains that his client never intended to steal or defraud anyone.  The District Attorney's Office spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in prosecution and there was not a court appearance that did not include massive publicity and crowds of angry citizens.  

After nearly two years of litigation the Court finally agreed with Mr. Huish's request for a substantially reduced sentence.  The client served less than four years instead of the 20 plus that had been requested by the DA.  The client is back home with his family.

Not Guilty - P. C 459 First Degree Burglary

In what had to appear to most to be an open and shut case, Mr. Huish's client was arrested and charged with First Degree Burglary after his client was found in the house of people he did not know at 1:30 in the morning pulling an X-Box out from the television stand.   The case seemed to have no way out but after months of extensive investigation, preparation and mock trials the case was presented to the jury.  After just a few hours of deliberation they jury came back with Not Guilty verdicts.  The client had been facing a Strike and at least four years in State Prison.  


Dismissal - Felony Hit and Run

Mr. Huish's client was a young man accused of felony evasion after what police thought was a 100 plus mph chase through the freeways and streets of Newport Beach.  A complete investigation of the fact and a complete presentation of the clients spotless record persuaded the DA to drop the charges.  The client pled guilty to speeding, an infraction.


A History of Dismissals and Not Guilty Verdicts

Over the past twenty years Mr. Huish has successfully obtained hundreds of dismissals and Not Guilty verdicts.  These case have included serious felonies such as Murder, Attempted Murder, Vehicular Manslaughter, Robbery, Grand Theft, Petty Theft, Drug Sales, Possession Charges, Fraud, Arson, DUI, Assault, Kidnapping, Sex Cases and other Felonies and Misdemeanors.   However, no case in the past is as import to Mr. Huish as the case he is handling right now.  







In many cases, Mr. Huish waives his customary initial consultation fee for qualified potential clients. 

To find out if you qualify for a free consultation please contact our office to schedule and appointment.

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Criminal Defense Attorney Dyke Huish is a Certified by the California State Bar as a Criminal Law Specialist.

If you need a Criminal Defense Attorney to handle your Criminal Case, please call our office to discuss your case.


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