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When the police have been called into a claim of Domestic Violence there is a high probability that the accused will be arrested and taken to jail.  No matter what the spouse wants.  In many cases all it takes is the claim of a violent act to have an innocent person taken to jail.  


Over the past twenty years Domestic Violence has become a growing problem in California.  As the laws change so must your criminal defense attorney.   Once charged with Domestic Violence these new tougher and more aggressive laws can create a life altering experience.  You need the representation of a Domestic Violence Defense Attorney who understands these laws.

If a person is arrested for domestic violence bail will usually be set at the felony levels.  The individual will not be allowed to leave jail until either bail is posted or their case is resolved.  The government will place a restraining order that will prohibit all contact with the alleged victim.  This can result in the loss of ones job, liberty and in many cases family rights.        



While the laws are broad, Domestic Violence is basically defined as any offense that effects another person with whom the accused has a personal/familiar type relationship.  These types of crimes can include:

  • Assault & Battery

  • Criminal Threats

  • Alcohol Abuse Cases

  • Child Abuse Cases

  • DUI with a Child in the Car

  • Sex Charges and Crimes

  • Murder

​Domestic Violence charges extend to all family members, co-habitant, ex-cohabitant, people who are dating, an ex-spouse, or people related to you by blood or marriage. 

If you are accused of anything like this you will need immediate representation of an experienced Criminal and Domestic Violence Defense Attorney.


In many cases, Mr. Huish waives his customary initial consultation fee for qualified potential clients. 

To find out if you qualify for a free consultation please contact our office to schedule and appointment.

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In California the District Attorney Office vigorously prosecutes charges of Domestic Violence.  In many cases the alleged victim will not want to “press charges” and request that the charges be dropped. 

Even when they go to court the District Attorney will not dismiss the case.  In most cases the District Attorney’s Office will seek to have the accused placed into jail.  Once the police are called, you have lost most of your rights to stop a prosecution.  The case becomes the “Peoples” case not yours.  While new laws have changed this somewhat you will need an qualified attorney to help you understand your options if you wish to either press charges or drop them.

For over twenty years, Domestic Violence Defense Attorney Dyke Huish has successfully helped and defended those accused of Domestic Violence.

​"We both had a little too much to drink that night.  By the time the police showed up things looked pretty bad.  I spent the night in jail and thought I would lose everything.  Dyke Huish came to my rescue.  I know that sounds dramatic, but it is true. The case was resolved in a way that made everyone feel comfortable.  This helped me heel some of the emotional wounds that I thought would cause a divorce.  What a relief to have found an attorney that understood the law and in the case the importance of saving my marriage."



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