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Xanax DUI

Over the past ten year there has been a huge rise in th enumber of Xanax releated DUIs.  Understanding how Xanax effects the system and the person using it has become essential for the defense of anyone arrested for driving under the infuence of Xanax.  The biggest problem is that some who are arrested for Driving Under the Influence of Xanax were ligitimately prescribed and using this legal drug.  Two informal catagories of Xanax based DUI's have been formed but both are treated the same by prosecutors.  In either case you will need an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney that understands how Xanax speciffically interacts with the Law and the Individual.


For more information on how Criminal Defense Attorney Dyke Huish can help you solve you Xanax DUI cal 949-837-8600.



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