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WIth over 20 years of direct and personal experience with the Criminal Justice System, Attorney Dyke Huish is uniquely qualified to handle a broad range of Criminal Cases.  A former Deputy District Attorney, Deputy Public Defender and Superior Court Judge Pro Tem, Mr. Huish has seen criminal cases from all the angles.  This unique perspective allows him to bring a deeper understanding to your case.  The results are nothing less than the very best defense possible.  

Mr. Huish is well known for his sophisticated and creative Criminal Defense Attorney work.  But more importantly he is well know by the very Judges and Prosecutors who will be dealing with your case.   This gives him the advantage of knowing what will work and more importantly what will not work when trying to find the right answer for your case.


In many cases, Mr. Huish waives his customary initial consultation fee for qualified potential clients. 

To find out if you qualify for a free consultation please contact our office to schedule and appointment.

Call:    949-837-8600​​​

Text:   949-259-3068​​​
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