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DUI/DWI Defense

Dyke Huish DUI Defense Attorney
Orange County Defense Attorney Dyke
Orange County Criminal Defense Attor

Orange County Register (2000)

"It was no suprise he found the loop hole when everyone else missed it​  'he is one of the most aggressive DUI' attorney's in the State.  Suddenly the legislature had to change the law all becasue of the creative thinking of Criminal Defense Attorney Dyke Huish."

Here is the immediate answer to all your DUI questions, concerns and worries


Call us.  Its that simple. 


We really do have the all your answers. 

A lawyer that has handled 1000's DUI's is helpful. 


A lawyer that remembers that your case is the most important one of all those 1000 cases is essential.


A lawyer may have the experience of 1000 DUI cases but if he does not pay attention to your case, personally, all that experience means nothing.  That is why you need an attorney that never forgets that while he may have handled a thousand cases this is your first.  The best way to find that DUI Defense Lawyer is to sit down and talk directly with him about your case.  


That means your answers are just a phone call away.   Really.  


Being arrested is a very confusing and frustrating experience.  Trying to learn about your DUI on the internet can be even more frustrating.  The best way to get real answers is from a DUI Defense Attorney with the experience to answer all your questions with honestly and straight forward. 


A DUI conviction can seriously impact your life, your job, your liberty and your dignity.   This is especially true if you have prior drunk driving-related convictions on your record.


An experienced and knowledgeable DUI Defense Attorney can help you navigate a system that is designed to punish, not help.  Your best defense is finding an experienced DUI Defense Attorney to protect your rights.


For over 20 years and more than 1000 DUI cases Orange County DUI Defense Attorney Dyke Huish has been giving his clients their best chance of successfully handling their DUI cases.  


Call and set an appointment for a free consultation.  Your answers are just a phone call away.  



Office:  949-837-8600


or send a text and Mr. Huish will call you right back.


Text:  949-259-3068

Huish Law Group.
DUI Defense Attorney
with over 20 years
of expert DUI Defense.
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