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Serious Federal Criminal Defense

There is an old phrase most people have heard -  “Don’t make a federal case of this.”  The reality is that most federal crimes are serious.  They often carry the potential of huge fines and long prison sentences.  The Government has extensive abilities to investigate and prosecute people.   For this reason you need an experienced Federal Defense Attorney that can navigate the system and protect you from the powers vested in the agents and lawyers of the United States of America.


More importantly is that you contact an experienced defense attorney at the first sign of Government investigations.  The system often benefits the individual that works with the Government early on.  In Federal cases a proactive approach is often the difference between prevention or a conviction.


For 20 years Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Dyke Huish has protected the rights and lives of people charged with Federal Offenses.  He has successfully defended and protected his clients in fraud cases that total well over a Half a Billion Dollars.  


In many cases you need an exerienced Federal Defense Attorney that understands how the Governement investiagtes and prosecutes criminal cases.  Prevention of an Indictment is the best result any attorney can obtain.  This is an area that requires skill, integrity and a deep understanding of the investigative process. 


Mr. Huish has an excellent record in dealing with such Government Agencies as the:






Homeland Security




U.S. Customs


U.S. Marshals Service


Department of Justice


NASA Investigations


Department of Labor


Security and Exchange Commission


Office of the Attorney General


Army Jag Corps


United States Marine Jag Corp


Navy Jag Corp


Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF)



In case that range from white collar crimes, fraud, governement contracts, political investigations, election violations, labor issues, stock fraud, gang cases, RICO, military law, to international crimes, Mr. Huish has the experience and knowledge to protect your rights and freedom.



For more information about how Mr. Huish can help you please call our office at 949-837-8600.




In many cases, Mr. Huish waives his customary initial consultation fee for qualified potential clients. 

To find out if you qualify for a free consultation please contact our office to schedule and appointment.

Call:    949-837-8600​​​

Text:   949-259-3068​​​
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