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Federal & White Collar Defense

Dyke Huish: Federal Criminal Defense
Dyke Huish Federal Trial Attorney
Dyke Huish: Federal Criminal Defense
Law Office of Dyke Huish
Dyke Huish: Federal Criminal Defense

"I watched his closing arguements after a six week fraud case in Federal Court.  It was magnificent.  If I gave such an arguement it would be on a constant video loop playing in my office."

Federal Criminal & White Collar Defense 

To have an immediate and free consultation about your Federal Case please contact our office at 949-837-8600

There is an old phrase most people have heard -  “Don’t make a federal case of this.”  The reality is that most federal crimes are serious.  They often carry the potential of huge fines and long prison sentences.  The Government has extensive abilities to investigate and prosecute people.   For this reason you need an experienced Federal Defense Attorney that can navigate the system and protect you from the powers vested in the agents and lawyers of the United States of America.


More importantly is that you contact an experienced defense attorney at the first sign of Government investigations.  The system often benefits the individual that works with the Government early on.  In Federal cases a head start is often a great start and can mean the difference between a successful case and a rough road.


For 20 years Federal Criminal Defense Attorney has protected the rights and lives of people charged with Federal Offenses.  For more information about how Mr. Huish can help you please call our office at 949-837-8600.

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Federal Fraud Cases:



Client Testimonials

"The FBI showed up at my business without warning.  My attorney referred me to Dyke Huish to defend me in Federal Court.  He understood my problem immediately and help me to understand.  The problem was solved and I never went to jail."

"What can I say - It was us against the United States of America.  We met with the I.R.S. and the United States Attorney several times but when Mr. Huish got involved it all changed and the criminal problems stoped and the case was resolved."

Juvenile Defense Experience

The Juvenile Justice System can be complex and difficult.  Fortunately juvenile law is built around the concept of rehabilitation rather than punishment.  In many cases there are more lenient option than juvenile hall.  The essential goal must be to fix both the legal problem and the issues that brought your child into the system in the first place.  This requires a complete understanding of both the law and the individual.  


No matter what the charge or situation we can help find the best results. For over two decades Juvenile Defense Attorney Dyke Huish has helped good kids in Orange County, Los Angeles County, Long Beach, San Diego, Riverside, and San Bernardino to have their records cleared and their futures protected. 


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