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Affordable Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Attorney Dyke Huish

Dyke Huish Trial Attorney
Affordable Orange County Defense
​"There are a lot of things I could do as an attorney to make more money but nothing I can ever do that is more important than helping good people fight the government when they have been accused of a crime."  



The perception is that the very best always costs the very most.  That to hire one of California's Preeminent Attorneys it will cost a small fortune.  That it's not even worth calling a Certified Criminal Law Specialist like Dyke Huish because he only works for the super wealthy. 

The perception is that a high powered and well connected lawyer does not even have the time to take your call or sit with you to discuss your case.  And if he does he will charge you $600 an hour just to talk on the phone.

But perceptions are not the reality with one of Orange County's top  Criminal Defense Attorney, Dyke Huish.  



The reality is that Certified Criminal Law Specialist Dyke Huish is not only affordable he works hard to make sure his rates remain competitive.  That's because Mr. Huish believes that being a Criminal Defense Attorney is not just a job, it's a life long calling.  That while it's true that we all get paid for a job well done, being a Defense Attorney requires a commitment to people.  Not just the ones with lots of money but anyone that needs help.

The reality is that Dyke Huish charges a flat fee not an exorbitant hourly rate.  He will never charge you for a phone call or consultation and is always willing to sit with his clients for as long as is needed to solve the problem.  

The reality is that you can afford the very best defense.  

For more information on how you can sit with for a free consultation
please call us at 949-837-8600 or send a Text to 949-259-3068.

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