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Juvenile Law & Juvenile Defense

Juvenile Defense Attorney

"I will be forever grateful for his wisdom, his compassionate counsel, and his greatest desire to give me and my family the gift of peace."

Avvo Review (2012)


The best thing you can do to protect your child or loved one is to sit down and discuss your case directly with an attorney that has the answers you need.  Mr. Huish has a Masters Degree in Psychology and over 20 years of experience in helping to create plans that can alter the life of a troubled teenager.  The goal in many Juvenile Cases is to better educate the family and learn new ways towards a better life.  


The Juvenile System can often be tough, unfair and overwhelming   But a good Juvenile Defense attorney can help protect the individual from a wide range of potential sanctions and punishments.  Juvenile Hall is not the only option.  Immediate action can often stop the proceedings before they end up in Juvenile Court.  


Most Juvenile cases involve theft, drugs, alcohol, anger issues, school, grades, special needs or bad friends.  Juvenile Defense Attorney Dyke Huish has been helping parents and teens find answers to the challenges of a criminal case.  His extensive experience and background have allowed him to not only fix the case but in many case help fix the troubled young life.  


In some cases you may just need a tough Lawyer that knows how to solve a problem.  That is really the easy part.  But in most cases you will need a Juvenile Defense Attorney that not only understands the Court System but also how best to help you navigate these difficult challenges. 


Whatever the case, you can rely on the experience of Juvenile Defense Attorney Dyke Huish to help you find the best answers for your family.

Juvenile Law - Juvenile Defense 

Kids make mistakes.  They should not be branded for life becasue of those mistakes.  The right Juvenile Defense Attoney can make all the difference.

There are many reasons why young people find themselves on the wrong side of the law.  A good kid that made a simple mistake or a troubled teen with serious substance abuse.  In either case a Juvenile Defense Attorney must have the educational background, extensive juvenile experience and an honest understanding on what makes young people do the things they do.  


For over 20 years Juvenile Defense Attorney Dyke Huish has been doing just that.  

To have an immediate and free consultation about your child's case please contact our office at 949-837-8600

Client Testimonials

"My son was in a lot of trouble.  Drugs, alcohol and anger.  Lots of anger.  But you helped us put it into perspective and provided answers to questions I never thought could be answered.  Life got better as my son changed.  Thank You."

"When the police talked to my son at school I thought we had the right to be there. But thanks to Mr. Huish's quick action we were able to prevent the case from getting out of hand.  My family is forever grateful for what you dd for us.

Juvenile Defense Experience

The Juvenile Justice System can be complex and difficult.  Fortunately juvenile law is built around the concept of rehabilitation rather than punishment.  In many cases there are more lenient option than juvenile hall.  The essential goal must be to fix both the legal problem and the issues that brought your child into the system in the first place.  This requires a complete understanding of both the law and the individual.  


No matter what the charge or situation we can help find the best results. For over two decades Juvenile Defense Attorney Dyke Huish has helped good kids in Orange County, Los Angeles County, Long Beach, San Diego, Riverside, and San Bernardino to have their records cleared and their futures protected. 


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About the Law

While there can be no substitute for siting down to talk with a professional about your case, sometimes you just want to read about the law.  To learn more about your case please follow this link that will give you additonal information or maybe answer a question or two.  Please remeber this is jsut informational and is not indtended to be a substitue for the experience that only a qualifed attorney can bring to you.  





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