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Juvenile Law & Juvenile Defense Experience

Somethings cannot be learned any other way than through experience.  Experience in the Courtroom. Experience through education.  Experience as a father of five.  The exeperience that comes from handling thousands of criminal & juvenile law cases.
An Attorney that understands the Juvenile Justice System.



Children as young as twelve, in some cases, younger, can be detained, arrested and charged with crimes just like an adult.   When this happens it can create a great deal of stress to the child and the parents. In many cases it feels as if the parental authority and responsibility is being taken away by the Court.  A common misunderstanding is that a parent has a right to notification prior to arrest or investigation; this is not the case.  The police are free to investigate anything they feel is a crime.  This means that they can approach your child at school, home or on the streets without you being notified or present.


If your child has been contacted or arrested finding an experience Juvenile Defense Attorney is critical.  The time to respond is often short and may require specialized attention and intervention. In many cases a good Juvenile Defense Attorney can stop a case from being filed by using diversion methods through the Police Department or the Probation.  Not all cases have to go to Court.  Understanding how to prevent this from happening is the first step towards helping eliminate a Juvenile Case from your child's potential record.



The Benefit of a Juvenile Case

In some cases the fact that the Police are involved with your child may not be a huge surprise.   Perhaps it had been a suspicion or perhaps you knew that eventually this might happen, in either case this may be an opportunity for positive change.  The Juvenile Justice System is supposed to work with parents to create positive changes in behavior.  The problem is that the Court does not know your child and his or her needs.  This is why you need and Juvenile Defense Attorney with the background and experience need to help turn the negative into a life changing experience.  


Mr. Huish has a Masters Degree in Psychology and over 20 years of experience in helping to create plans that can alter the life of a troubled teenager.  The goal in many Juvenile Cases is to better educate the family and learn new ways towards a better life.  


In some cases you may just need a tough Lawyer that knows how to solve a problem.  That is really the easy part.  But in most cases you will need a Juvenile Defense Attorney that not only understands the Court System but also how best to help you navigate these difficult challenges. 


Most Juvenile cases involve drugs, alcohol, anger issues, school, grades, special needs or bad friends.  Whatever the case, you can rely on the experience of Juvenile Defense Attorney Dyke Huish to help you find the best answers for your family.




In many cases, Mr. Huish waives his customary initial consultation fee for qualified potential clients. 

To find out if you qualify for a free consultation please contact our office to schedule and appointment.

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