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Domestic Violence Defense

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Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

"Criminal charges between people who were together and are now separated need extra-careful analysis...Mr. Huish takes the time to do just that."




​        Los Angeles Times (2009)

When the police come to your home on a Domestic Violence call, someone is going to jail.  To make matters worse the system is stacked against you and very unforgiving.    Your best defense is an attorney with over twenty years of experience defending Domestic Violence cases.   



"When the Police first arrived it felt as if they would be fair and listen to both sides of the story.  I could not have been more wrong.  Oh sure they listened to me for a few minuets but it was clear they were not interested in my side of the story.   Without any warning they slapped the cuffs on me and took me to jail.  They charged me with a felony and set bail at $50,000.  I had not started the fight and I have never felt so mistreated. 

When I got out of jail the Police handed me a temporary restraining order and told me I could not go home.   I called the Law Office of Dyke Huish.  I had read about him in the newspaper and thought he might me able to help me.   Within a very short time he had talked to the DA and the case was reduced to a Misdemeanor.   The restraining order was dropped and I was able to go home.  

Neither one of us wanted the case to go forward but the D.A. kept pushing and insisted that I was abusive.   Fortunately, Mr. Huish understood the whole problem and a perfect settlement was worked out.   We both got counseling and what could have been a disaster, actually helped our marriage get better.


There is no question in my mind that Mr. Hush and his extensive knowledge of the domestic violence laws, the system and most importantly the psychology of people saved me."

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Client Testimonials

"When to police arrived both my wife and I were suprised at how forceful they were.  We did not call 911 but they walked in and arrested me.  I went to jail but Dyke got me out and then worked out a full dismissal with the DA before the case was filed.  He also helped my wife and I found counseling that we both actually needed.  

"I felt like a really bad person becasue I had pushed my wife.  I let my anger get the best of me.  The Courts wanted me to go to jail but Dyke stepped in and worked things out with my wife first and then the DA.  The results was no jail, no restraining order, and no loss of my job."


Domestic Violence Defense Attorney Dyke Huish is based in Irvine California and handles domestic violence case through the southland.   For over 20 years he has handled some of the most complicated domestic violence cases, including all types of misdemeanors, felonies, assaults, alcohol related cases and murder cases.  Mr. Huish understands the complexities of how a domestic violence case can affect a marriage or pending divorce and child custody battles.   

Domestic Violence cases also include all types of child abuse cases which are routinely over prosecuted.   Mr. Huish has defended hundreds of parents who have been accused of child abuse.  Most of those cases have been parents properly exercising their rights to discipline their children in a fair and even handed manner.  However, all too often these actions are misunderstood or disagreed with by an over zealous prosecution or Child Protective Services.

If you need an experienced and sophisticated Domestic Violence Defense Attorney please contact Huish Law for a free consultation. 

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