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Proposition 47  - Immediate Help


If you have a case pending or ever have been convicted of any of the following crimes you are now eligible to have those case reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor.  However, you must take proactive action to have your case/s reduced.  Please contact our office immediately to learn how easily and affordably your felony record can be reduced to a misdemeanor and maybe even dismissed entirely.  


Cases that are Eligible for Immediate Relief:



Personal use of most illegal drugs - Drug Posession Cases


Petty Theft


Grand theft, where the value of the stolen property did not exceed $950


Receiving stolen property, where the value of the property did not exceed $950


Forgery, where the value of forged check, bond or bill did not exceed $950


Fraud, where the value of the fraudulent check, draft or order did not exceed $950


Writing a bad check, where the value of the check did not exceed $95



If you have any of these types of cases pending or have ever been convicted of one of these crimes please contact us to learn how we can have those cases reduced to misdemeanors and dismissed.



Law Office of Dyke Huish   -    949-837-8600



For More Information about Prop 47 please click here.


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