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Free Bail.

Nobody wants to be in jail, and if you or a loved one has been arrested, the first instinct is to get out of jail.  In most cases, this means calling a bail bond company and spending thousands of dollars to get a bondsman to put up the bail money.  In many cases this is not the best course of action.  A call to a criminal defense attorney is you top priority.

With an average daily population of 6,000 inmates, the Orange County jails are at nearly 90% of their capacity.  For those who have been arrested making bail may feel like the main concern, but Irvine Criminal Defense Attorney Dyke Huish urges arrestees and their families to call a qualified lawyer first, as an attorney may be able to obtain a release for a lower bail amount or even without any bond required.

As noted on our page regarding What to do if you are Arrested, the first step is not to panic or act impulsively.  A call to a bondsman may get you out of jail quickly, but it may not be the wisest move.  In many cases, Dyke Huish is able to have clients released from jail without the imposition of any bail at all.  In other cases, Mr. Huish has successfully convinced the court to lower the amount of bail considerably.  Either way, a call to our office first may save you thousands of dollars in bail money.


Sometimes immediate release from jail is an absolute necessity and a bail bond is the fastest and easiest way to secure a release.  When a bondsman is needed, the Law Office of Dyke Huish can help guide you to the best companies, with knowledge based on our years of experience working with the criminal justice system in Orange County.  Our office may also be able to help you to understand what type of bond might best serve your needs.  IN either case a call to our office will help you to quickly, efficiently and affordably find the correct answers.

The sooner you seek legal help, the sooner your attorney can begin working for you, protecting your rights and formulating the best strategy for your defense.  If you or a loved one has been arrested, make sure your first contact The Law Office of Dyke Huish.

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