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Murder is the First Degree


Murder is the First Degree

By:  Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney

Dyke Huish



Since the dawn of recorded history no crime has been more notorious or created more noterity than murder.  It is the ultimate act of wrongdoing.  In that moment the killer steals everything a person owns or ever will own.  They not only take life but all of the memories that never will be created, all the love that never will be shared and all of the breaths that never will be again taken.  The result is permenant and there is no way to repair what has been done.  Perhaps this is why society looks to these cases to define the lawyers who battle them in courts of law.  Perhaps it is how a Criminal Defense Attorney should utimatley be judged, can they win when life is on the line.


First of all not every lawyer ever gets to handle a Murder Case.  In fact, the percentage of those who try these ultimate cases iare such a small percentage that it is barely quantifable.  Even amongst the most skilled criminal attornyes most never get to handle this type of case, and more impressive are the one that can beat the government.  The simple truth is that the prosecution wins over 99 percent of the cases they file and bring to trial.  The governement has the money, investigators and top prosectors ready to handle this serious crime.  Those criminal attorneys that win these case are amongst the rarest and best trial lawyers in the country.  


Winning a muder case can be measured in degrees.  Did the lawyer demonstrate to the jury that this was a case of second degree murder or perhaps even manslaughter?  Or did they climb the Mount Everest of trial work and walk their client out the door?  


When I tried my first Murder Case life was on the line.  I knew from the first time I read the file that I had a serious problem, I had an innocent client.  It took six weeks of knock down fighting, followed by six full days of deliberation before the jury returned a Not Guilty verdict.  I have never felt such a sense of relief or satisfaction in a courtroom. Life hung in the balance and in the moment the verdict was read all became well.  I had won attmepted murder cases and other life cases in front of a jury, but this was different.   Suddenly I had become part of the smallest club there is amongst trial lawyers, those that have seen their clients walk out of the courtroom, inoccent of the charge of First Degree Murder with Special Circumstances.  


Very few people that search for a Criminal Defense Attorney are seeking a lawyer to represent them in a murder case, but there is a reason why these rare and successful attorneys matter to them. Finding a criminal attorney that knows how to win when the big case tells them about the heart and soul of that lawyer.  It lets them know this is a trial lawyer that knows how to win on the biggest stage.  This is a lawyer who knows how to fight, but more importantly how to win.  This is why you should not be afraid to ask your prespective criminal defense attorney if the have ever won such a case.  It really does matter.


Making the play when it counts matters in sports and the courtroom.


For more information please call the Law Office of Dyke Huish at 949-837-8600 for a free consultation.  



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