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By Dyke Huish

May, 2013

Self Diagnostic on the Internet: 

Why I should talk to a Doctor and you should talk to a Lawyer.​ 

A few years ago I felt an unusual sensation in my arms.  A numbness if you will.  Fearing the worst I went to the place that all clear thinking adults go, the Internet.  I entered my symptoms and within a few moments had self diagnosed myself with all kinds of horrible and life ending deseases.   Having no medical education or training I was nonetheless certain that the information found on the internet must be correct and that my days were now numbered.   After all who needs training and education when you have so many wonderful ways to self diagnos on the web?

Well it turns out I do.  After a month of worry I finally went to a real doctor and told him my troubles.  I explained my worry and what I had read on the internet about my symptoms.  He just smiled.  No judgement nor validation of my worry, he simply smiled.  Then he pronounced me okay and sent me on my way.  This was simply not good enough.  I had the symptoms and had been on Web MD.   I knew he must be wrong.   So I did what any intelligent person would do.  I read even more web sites and soon was certain that all of his education and training was wasted.  I sought a second opinion.  The second doctor, a specialist, told me the exact same thing.  I was fine, except that I really should stay off the web and leave the doctoring to the doctors.    He told me I had a simple strain and to stop worrying.  That was five years ago.  I guess that me and the internet were wrong and those doctors were not.




Often people ask me why my web site has limited information about the law.  Simple, I took it off years ago because I did not want people to do exactly what I had, self diagnose.  Criminal Defense is not just the law, it is a science of understanding the intricacies of the many moving parts.   Criminal Defense is also an art, the personalities and moods of the people involved matter greatly. 



A good lawyer understands the rules, a great one understands through years of experience, how best to use those rules to his advantage.   When I self diagnosed myself on the web I had no experience, no background or context.  This created unnecessary fear and worry.  It is my strong advice that you avoid my mistake and talk to an expert about your problem instead of trying to figure it out on your own.  It takes a lawyer ten good years in the trenches before he really understands the law.  And that is just a start.

If you have been arrested I suggest you sit down with someone that understands the Art and Science of Criminal Law.  Talk to a Criminal Defense Attorney that is Certified by the California State Bar as a Specialist.  Most will offer a free consultation but the good ones will do more, they will help you to understand your problem.  They will take the time to give you real answers.   And in that first meeting the real answer you are looking for is whether or not this person is the right Criminal Defense Attorney for you.  This is the most important decision you will make, after that let the professional do the diagnosing. You will get a real answer and actually might be surprised at the good news.

Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney Dyke Huish has been practicing Criminal Defense for over twenty years.  To discuss your case please call 949-837-8600 or send a text to Mr. Huish at 949-259-3068.

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