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Client Testimonials

"Thank you so very much for all your kind testimonials and support.  It has always been my honor to have served and assisted you all during your difficult challenges." 
                             Criminal Defense Attorney Dyke E. Huish

Client Testimonials:  Over the years We have received many kind words and compliments on our work. The following are taken from public web sites, letters and kinds thoughts sent to us.  Because of the sensitive nature of our work all names have been removed out of respect for our clients privacy.

Well Connected.
Avvo:  July, 2015


"I am not sure how he did it. Three of my friends had the exact same problem as I did. They all went to jail and I did not. We all got arrested together for the same thing and they had different lawyers. The Public Defender had one and plead out my friend on the first day. The other two hired people and they also plead guilty to jail within two weeks But Dyke hung in there and kept going back until as he put it "everything lined up." Well it did, he called me and told me I had to get to his office right away so he could make it happen. Within three hours he had it resolved and I did not go to jail. My friends all got 60 days, I got nothing. Thank you Dyke."

Great Lawyer - Real Gentleman
Avvo: Feburary, 2015


"Not sure how to write this. I got arrested for a DUI. Never been in trouble before. I found this lawyer on the Internet and he talked to me for a long time on the phone. Other lawyer talked money - he talked about me and my problems. I immediately felt better. His assistant Kim was awesome and very helpful. But most importantly he fixed my DUI with the DMV and the Court."

Trial Observation from a Juror - "Amazing Trial Attorney"
Avvo:  August 2104


I just sat as a Juror in a trial with Mr. Huish. I have been around many lawyers and this is my second time on a jury. I have never watched a trail lawyer like this guy. He was impressive on every level. He was professional to the other lawyer. He was powerful and impressive with witnesses and when he gave his closing argument you could hear a pin drop. It was like watching a master story teller and movie star at the same time.


When we got to the jury room everyone agreed that he was an amazing lawyer.


What I found most interesting was that he made us feel his passion and commitment to his client. Even the Judge kept talking about how good he was - not to mention the prosecution had two clearly experienced lawyers up against him. They were also very good - one was a Senior DA that had many done many trials but they simply could not match Mr. Huish. This lawyer is simply the best trial lawyer I have ever seen, And yes we found his client Not Guilty of all charges.

Thanks Dyke Huish. You're the Best!
Avvo:  April, 2014


I'm not good at writing things but I did want to write a shout out to my lawyer. My dad found Dyke through a big law firm who gave the recommendation to Dyke for a criminal case. He was easy to work with and not as expensive as others. When I called him he talked straight and helped me to understand the process. Most importantly he got my entire case dropped and cleared my record. I'm an average person but I was glad to find a lawyer that the big law firms use. Having someone with juice makes a big difference.


I recommend this lawyer to anyone with a criminal case - or if you just need to talk to someone about the law.

No Jail and my felony dismissed.
Avvo:  February 2104


" really don't want to say what I did wrong - lets just say it was not good. My friend suggested I see Dyke Huish and he was great - I know this is weird but he is kind of what you think a great lawyer from a movie would be like - only real. But that is not what matters. He took my case to a hearing and won. Then after putting together my information persuaded the DA to drop all the felonies and no jail.


I am free and back to work thanks to him. I suggest you call and talk to him - his assistant Kim is awesome as well and really helpful."

I was going to jail - then suddenly I was not.
Avvo:  April, 2013


"I hired another lawyer who had made many promises to me, including that I would not serve jail time. After a few months of going to Court my first lawyer said there was nothing more he could do and that I was in fact going to jail. I was upset and afraid.


I called Dyke after I saw him in Court. He made me no promise but said he would do all he could. Within one month the Felony was dropped to a Misdemeanor and jail was off the table. I ended up doing some community service. If I had gone to Dyke first I would have saved a lot of money and pain."

An Extraordinary Captain through Dangerous Waters
Avvo: Novemebr, 2012


"Mr. Huish is firstly an incredibly intelligent gentleman. His educational background combined with his extensive experience in the District Attorney’s office, the Public Defender’s office, and finally in his private practice gives him a unique ability to resolve complicated matters. I was certain that because I was innocent, I did not need an attorney, but I soon found I was like a goldfish in a stormy ocean full of predators.

Mr. Huish listens to his clients, and he believed in me. He worked tirelessly to share my side of the story with the District Attorney and went above and beyond the call of duty to protect me from further injury from my accuser and the few who were persuaded to believe her side.


Every client wants their case settled yesterday, and I was no different, but Mr. Huish taught me patience as he skillfully worked the case allowing enough time to go by for the District Attorney Deputies and staff to see the true colors of my accuser. He never got annoyed when I would try my hand at practicing law with my less than brilliant ideas, and he only gently scolded me when I broke one of his cardinal rules. In the end, he obtained a resolution to my case that was practically painless and included special protections for me on the court record. It was very evident to me in the courtroom that he is well respected by peers and other members of the judicial system.


I will be forever grateful for his wisdom, his compassionate counsel, and his greatest desire to give me and my family the gift of peace. For someone who never expected to be in need of the services of a criminal attorney, I learned a great deal about our legal system and how easy it is to be falsely accused and have your world turned upside down. Dyke helped me understand and have a much deeper appreciation of The Constitution.


I learned how to never find myself in this situation again. I also learned from Mr. Huish’s guidance that forgiving those who sought to destroy me rather than seeking vengeance is a sweet relief. I have my beautiful life back, and I have Dyke to thank for that. There is no amount of money that I could pay that would make me feel I had satisfied my debt to this wonderful counselor and friend."

Excellent Attorney - Best in Orange County
Avvo:  August 2012



"I am embarrassed to say that I was arrested for something I should not have done. The next day I started receiving all kinds of letters from attorneys telling me to hire them. I called several of them and felt like I was either talking to a first year lawyer or someone who was just interested in making a quick buck. They promised things I am sure they could not deliver.


A friend of mine had said that Mr. Huish was a well regarded high power lawyer in Orange County. I figured he would be too busy to handle my case and too expensive. I Googled his name and saw that he had won many big cases and was often in the paper. I called him.


First of all he is a real pro. He understood my problem immediately and did not make ridiculous promises. When I met him I was impressed with his office, with Kim and how kind, knowledgeable and understanding he was. And I could afford him as his rates were in line with others I talked to.


I hired him. I met with him several times. He was always there for me and what I really liked is he either took my calls or Kim sets exact times for us to talk so I was never waiting on calls.

The case went smooth and was dismissed after a motion before the court. What surprised me was that in Court his demeanor changed as he really went after the police officer on cross examination.

I am grateful I followed my friends advice and called Mr. Huish."

Great attorney that saved my life.
Avvo:  February, 2012


"I was facing 18 years in State Prison. A strike that my prior lawyer never told me about - in fact this other lawyer is suppose to be one of the best and he said I did not have a Strike. Dyke worked my case and took it to the Judge. After a two day hearing the Judge dropped all the felony charges and the Strike and gave me a Misdemeanor with NO JAIL.


Dyke was prepared and crossed examined the witnesses like a tiger. He did not let up until it was clear that I was not in the wrong. The DA even brought in extra witnesses when it became clear he was going to lose and then Dyke took care of them.


My life was saved because this attorney is very good at what he does. I have had a few lawyers in my time but none cared more than he did and none did what he did. Thanks."

Second DUI
Avvo:  September, 2011


"I was facing a second time DUI and certain jail. I visited with many lawyers all that made promise which I knew could not be kept. Mr. Huish was fair and direct.


When the time came I watched him maneuver the calendar in order to get my case before a Judge that would permit home confinement. I served out my time at home, kept my job and did not miss my family. This saved my life on many levels.


I really appreciated his care and concern plus his "fight the man" attitude. But mostly I was grateful for honesty in a time when I needed it most."

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