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Criminal Defense Attorney
Dyke Huish
Biography & Experience


In the spring of 1993 Mr. Huish was invited to Houston Texas to compete against the top young law students in the United States of America.  The four day trial tournament pitted the best young law students from the top schools in the country against each other to determine the nations best trial attorneys.   Against the very best, Mr. Huish and his partner went undefeated and were awarded the National Trial Champions by the American Inns of Court.  Since that day Mr. Huish has had an exceptional career as a trial lawyer accumulating awards, accolades and most importantly a long list of countless courtroom and trial victories on behalf of his clients.

Over the past twenty years Mr. Huish has served as a Deputy District Attorney, Deputy Public Defender, Superior Court Judge Pro Tem and is a Certified Criminal Law Specialist.  He is a veteran of more than 300 bench and jury trials and has personally handled over 8000 criminal cases.  Thousands of attorneys have paid to attend his seminars on trial tactics, courtroom strategies and jury psychology.   He has handled more than $500 million dollars in fraud cases and successfully litigated one of the largest fraud cases in the history of the State of California.  

His clients have included CEOs, Corporate Executives, Police Officers, Doctors, Attorneys, Actors, Professional Athletes, and people from all walks of life.  When civil and business attorneys have clients in trouble they turn to Criminal Defense Attorney Dyke Huish, knowing that their clients will be in the hands of an exceptional trial attorney.  

Mr. Huish is a native of Orange County and is the father of five children.

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​Dyke Huish has made thousands of courtroom appearances in the Superior, Juvenile and Federal Courts throughout California.  He maintains a unique wisdom and creative approach to criminal defense that allows him to obtain the best results for his clients.  He approaches each case with zeal and the highest level of advocacy.  

His exceptional trial skills have been honed in some of the most hostile courtroom environments and against the very best prosecutors in the State.  He has tried some of the most difficult cases and has still obtained countless "Not Guilty" verdicts.  Additionally he has negotiated dismissals, creative sentences, and resolutions that protect the rights and liberty of his clients.



The California State Bar, under the authority and direction of the Supreme Court, allows certain highly qualified and skilled attorneys to obtain the title of Certified Criminal Law Specialist.  There are over 250,000 lawyers in California and less than 275 of these attorneys are Certified as Specialist by the State Bar.  Only 20 can be found in Orange County,   

The certification process requires additional examinations, board reviews, peer evaluations, and the demonstration of a career that represents the highest level of advocacy, trial skills and criminal law knowledge.

  • Defense Attorney Dyke Huish has been a California Certified Criminal Law Specialist since 2004.


There are numerous private and commercial organizations which rate the skill sand professional abilities of attorneys. The highest, most respected and objectively fair are Martindale-Hubble and Thomson Reuters Group.  Both have elected to give their highest recommendation to Mr. Huish

  • AV Rated Criminal Defense Attorney  (Martindale-Hubble)

  • Super Lawyers  (Thomson Reuters Group)

  • AVVO Rated Superb

  • U.S. Law Reporter Preeminent Status



Dyke Huish obtained a Bachelors of Arts in Communications from Brigham Young University in 1986.  He then earned a Master in Science in Psychology from BYU in 1990.  This rare combination and diverse educational background gives him a deep understanding of how judges, juries and clients respond to the psychological pressures of criminal law.

He obtained his Juris Doctorate from the University of San Diego where he was ranked at the highest levels for his work in Trial Advocacy and Appellate Presentation.   Upon graduation he was admitted into the prestigious National Order of the Barristers.


  • Capistrano Valley High School 1980

  • ​Brigham Young University, B.A.  1986

  • Brigham Young University, M.S. 1990

  • University of San Diego School of Law, J.D.  1993

  • National Order of the Barristers

  • International Mock Trial Champion Jessup - Washington D.C.

  • American Inns of Court National Champion

  • A.T.L.A Trial Champion


Dyke Huish has worked as a Deputy District Attorney in both Orange County and San Diego County.  As a Deputy D.A. he had the responsibility to present cases on behalf of the prosecution.  Working as a Deputy D.A. he gained invaluable insights into prosecution tactics and strategies.  This knowledge and experience allows him to better anticipate the prosecutions moves so he can plan the best and most sophisticated possible defense for each of his clients.

  • Orange County Deputy District Attorney

  • San Diego Deputy District Attorney Pro Tem

  • San Diego City Attorney's Office Clerkship


Mr. Huish is one of the rarest of all attorneys that served as both a Deputy District Attorney and Deputy Public Defender.  As a Public Defender he worked on the prestigious Felony Panel were he handled the most serious gang cases, sex cases, narcotics cases, three strikes cases and other felony and misdemeanor cases.  He also worked in the dependency courts and was the first attorney of record in Orange County to ever use a Power Point Presentations in a courtroom.  This now common practice required a full day of judicial review after the prosecution objected to its use.   In front of a packed courtroom, the judge granted Mr. Huish's request and permitted him to use the "unusual" technology in front of a jury. The jury acquitted his client on all counts in what was thought to be an un-winnable  case. 

In 1999 he obtained an astonishing 30 percent full dismissal rate of all serious and life case felonies he handled.  Mr. Huish was elected President of the Public Defenders Association and served on the OCAA Executive Board.  During his five years of service he had one of the highest not guilty and dismissal rates in the county. 

  • Orange County Public Defenders Office

  • President OCPDA 1999-2000

  • OCAA Executive Board 1998-2000


When Judges travel or require someone to take their place upon the bench they are often permitted to ask highly qualified and trusted attorneys to take their place and serve as Superior Court Judge Pro Tem.  Over the years multiple judges have requested that Mr. Huish take their judicial robe and handle their caseload while they are unavailable.  Mr. Huish has served in the Felony, Misdemeanor and Drug Courts handling a wide range of criminal cases.  This unique experience gave him insight into how the court views cases and allowed him to go through a Judicial Training program usually only open to bench officers.    


Mr. Huish is a well-respected leader in the legal community.  He has served in numerous prestigious position of leadership in Orange County's most important bar organizations.  

  • California State Bar 

  • Orange County Bar Association

  • J. Reuben Clarke Law Society (Board of Directors  2004-2008)

  • SOCBA (Board of Directors 2003-2005)

  • OCTLA (Past Member)

  • National Order of Barristers

  • Orange County Attorneys Association (Executive Board 1998-2000)

  • OCDPDA (Past President 1999-2000)

  • Certified Criminal Law Specialist



On unavailable Mr. Huish is asked by other attorneys to speak on a broad range of topics concerning Criminal Law. Over the past twenty years he has trained over a thousand lawyers including Judges, Deputy District Attorneys, Public Defenders, Business and Civil Litigators, Trial Lawyers and Criminal Defense Attorneys.  

  • Criminal Law Ethics:  North County Bar Association 2013

  • Understanding Criminal Law Ethics:  Harbor Bar Association.

  • The New Face of Criminal Fraud: A Guide for Non-Criminal Attorney's CLE & Ski: Veil Colorado 2011

  • Basics of Criminal Fraud and the Cross over to Civil Lawyers:  JRCLS 2011

  • Understanding the New Laws in Auto Body Repair:  Pasadena 2011

  • Drug Addiction and Your Family Annual Meeting 2006

  • Art and Science of Trial Presentation Business Litigation Luncheon 2004

  • Jury Psychology OCBA Last Dash 2004

  • South Orange County Bar Association 2001:  "Jury Psychology: Understanding How Jurors Decide a Case."

  • West Orange County Bar Association 2003: "Trial Tips, Tricks and Strategies."

  • Orange County Trial Lawyers Association 2002: "The Psychology and Science of Cross Examination."

  • Orange County Bar Association 2002-2005 Multiple Lectures "Inside the Jury Room:  How to Work with a Jury in Closing Argument."   "Trial Psychology:  The Art and Science of Story Telling."

  • Orange County Bar: Business Litigation Section 2005 - Litigation Tips - Trial Psychology

  • J.Reuben Clark International Law Society Presentation:  "Understanding Drug Addictions."

  • In addition, he has addressed various civic groups on issues of Drug Addiction, Kids and The Law, and Driving Under the Influence.

  • Trial Psychology: The Art and Science of Story Telling to a Jury



  • The Effects of Power Across Gender  (1990)

  • "Making the Unlikable Client, Likable"  (The Advocate 2002)"

  • Effective Story Presentation to a Jury"  (2001)

  • "What to do when a Client has been arrested."  (2000)

  • "If you wish to remain silent, Speak Up."  The Recorder (2010)


  • California State Bar

  • Certified Criminal Law Specialist

  • United States District Court Central Division

  • United States District Court Eastern Division of Missouri


Mr. Huish is fluent in Spanish.


Choosing an Orange County Criminal Defense Law Firm.


Dyke Huish

Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney



If you were arrested for a criminal law violation in Orange County, finding the right attorney to handle your case is vital to achieving a favorable outcome. Dyke Huish has been practicing criminal defense law in Orange County for over 20 years.  Located in Mission Viejo, California, the Law Office of Dyke Huish can provide the legal expertise you need.



How To Find A Law Firm That Fits Your Needs:

The search for an attorney can seem exhausting at first.  However, keeping a list of the attributes you value in an attorney can help you narrow down the choices of potential law firms.The following is a list of some of the qualities that Dyke Huish brings to his practice:


Knowledge:  Dyke Huish practices only criminal defense.  He has acquired a wealth of knowledge in the field of criminal law from misdemeanor traffic violations and DUI to felony drug offenses, domestic violence assaults, theft, and homicide.

Professional Qualifications:  Dyke Huish is a Criminal Law Specialist, certified by the California Board of Legal Specialization.  Attaining this level of distinction requires demonstrating a high level of experience in the field, passing a written examination, fulfilling ongoing education requirements, and obtaining the favorable evaluation of other attorneys and judges familiar with the attorney's work.  Only attorneys who achieved this distinction may call themselves specialists in the state of California.


Experience:  Dyke Huish is a former Deputy District Attorney and Public Defender.  He has extensive experience in negotiation and litigation.  He also has an established reputation with the criminal defense lawyers, prosecutors, and Judges in Orange County who appreciate his skills as an attorney and respect his commitment to his clients and the profession.


Personal Attention:  When you hire Dyke Huish, you receive a promise that only Dyke Huish handles your case.  With only one attorney working on your case, you can be assured that important details and procedural steps will not be overlooked, that your attorney is ready for negotiations or litigation at any time, and that your case will not be assigned to a junior associate with less experience while the senior attorney focuses on a more lucrative matter.


Sincerity:  You have the final say on the ultimate decisions in your case.  With Dyke Huish, you can feel confident that your case will be handled the way you want it, without ill-advised or unrealistic promises about the outcome.  Dyke Huish works hard to help his clients get through this difficult time.  He also ensures that his clients receive the support they need so they don't find themselves back in the same situation.


The experience, values, and professional achievements truly set apart the Law Offices of Dyke Huish from other criminal defense law firms in Orange County.

Experience You Can Rely On.


If you are the subject of a criminal investigation or have been arrested and charged with a crime in Southern California, contact Dyke Huish an experienced criminal attorney.


Contact the Huish Law Firm at 949-837-8600 today for a complimentary consultation regarding your rights and options.

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