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The field of criminal law is diverse and complex.  Our clients are good people that need help navigating through a system that was designed to take away their liberty and freedom.  You deserve to be protected and that is what we have dedicated our lives to doing, one client at a time.  Whatever the case or situation we will help you to preserve your job, your liberty, and above all your dignity.


From the moment we take the case we will take immediate action to protect your rights, preserve essential timlines, protect you from further legal harm, and take the critical actions that will set the foundation for a strong defense. .  


When a person under the age of 18 is charged with a crime they will face a system made up of probations officers,  prosecutors, unique rules and specialized Judges. The consquences of these proceedings can have both immediate and long lasting effect on the youth and his family.  We defend your rights and protect your future.

Being arrested for a DUI a frustrating, embarrassing and complicated experience.  On the line is nothing less than your dignity, career and freedom.  A DUI is that unique place where science and the law conspire against the individual.  What is needed is a master of both to help navigate you safely home.

When you are in trouble and facing the police and prosecution, your defense attorney must be the very best.   A highly intelligent attorney that presents well in court.  An insider who understands the system and is respected by the Judge and prosecutor.  An attorney that knows, the law, the Courts and how to win.

Few cases are as complex, diverse and ladden with pitfalls than the White Collar/Fraud Cases.  These cases require a firm with immense depth and and experience to guide you to a place of safety.  

Domestic Violence prosecutions are handled by a team of hand selected prosecutors with years of experience.  It is essential that the attorney you select have a greater depth of understanding, experience and the ability to win in the hostile environment of the Domestic Violence Courts.  



Over the past twenty year Mr. Huish has consistently been in the news for his successful work in criminal defense.   His success comes from through preparation, intelligent legal strategies, and a complete understanding of the law.  Below are just a few examples of recent cases that have been in the news.  



Based in Orange County, prominent attorney Dyke Huish is a California State Bar Certified Criminal Law Specialist, AV rated by Martindale Hubble and listed as a Super Lawyer.   These ranking place him in the top 1 percent of all Criminal Defense Lawyers in the state of California.​​​

He has successfully represented thousands of people who have been charged with felonies, misdemeanors, DUIs, domestic violence, juvenile offense, homicides, sex cases and those who are facing federal charges.  His reputation as a trial attorney is unmatched.
​Mr. Huish is no stranger to high profile cases.  However, the best cases he handles are the ones that you never hear about.  Because the great lawyers know how to keep cases low profile and out of sight.  But it is nice to know that when the pressure is on, Mr. Huish is a trial lawyer that can deliver not guilty verdicts and dismissals.

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Children as young as twelve, in some cases, younger, can be detained, arrested and charged with crimes just like an adult.  When this happens it can create a great deal of stress to the child and the parents.  In many cases it feels as if the parental authority and responsibility is being taken away by the Court.  A common misunderstanding is that a parent has a right to notification prior to arrest or investigation; this is not the case.  The police are free to investigate anything they feel is a crime.  This means that they can approach your child at school, home or on the streets without you being notified or present.


If your child has been contacted or arrested finding an experience Juvenile Defense Attorney is critical.  The time to respond is often short and may require specialized attention and intervention. In many cases a good Juvenile Defense Attorney can stop a case from being filed by using diversion methods through the Police Department or the Probation.  Not all cases have to go to Court.  Understanding how to prevent this from happening is the first step towards helping eliminate a Juvenile Case from your child's potential record.


In some cases the fact that the Police are involved with your child may not be a huge surprise.   Perhaps it had been a suspicion or perhaps you knew that eventually this might happen, in either case this may be an opportunity for positive change.   The Juvenile Justice System is supposed to work with parents to create positive changes in behavior.  The problem is that the Court does not know your child and his or her needs.  This is why you need and Juvenile Defense Attorney with the background and experience need to help turn the negative into a life changing experience.  


Mr. Huish has a Masters Degree in Psychology and over 20 years of experience in helping to create plans that can alter the life of a troubled teenager.  The goal in many Juvenile Cases is to better educate the family and learn new ways towards a better life.  


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