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Juvenile Sex Cases





Over the past twenty years Mr. Huish has successfully handle numerous Juvenile Cases where the issues have revolved around sex. Because of the delicate and personal nature of these case he has chosen not to site examples of successfully managed cases.   His experience in representing children charged in Juvenile Sex Cases has ranged form the simple indecent exposure case, to cases involving sexual exploration or activity, to the most complicated cases where the District Attorney has sought to charge the Juvenile as an adult.


Juvenile Sex Cases are very personal and require a delicate understanding of not only the law but the dynamics of family, psychology and the needs of the all the people involved.  This often includes the family of the juvenile and the needs of the other parties involved.  These type of cases require immediate attention of a well qualified and skilled Juvenile Defense Attorney,  often before even approaching a counselor or doctor who may have a duty to report an abuse.  


If your child is charged or involved with any type of Sex Case please call our office at 949-837-8600 for a free and immediate consultation.









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