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San Bernardino Criminal Defense Attorney
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San Bernardino County Criminal Defense Attorney Dyke Huish has continually been recognized as one of the Best Trial and Criminal Defense Attorney’s in the State of California.  He has successfully represented people who find themselves in trouble with the court system.


If you or someone you know has been accused of a crime in San Bernardino County, California and needs representation you should consider calling the Law Office of Dyke Huish.  He will give you straightforward and honest legal guidance with your case.   Please call 949-837-8600 or email Mr. Huish directly for a free consultation.

Dyke Huish has practiced law in Southern California since 1993 when he first became a Deputy District Attorney in San Diego County.  Later he moved to Orange County where he was a Deputy District Attorney and then later a Deputy Public Defender.  Mr. Huish has had the uncommon experience or working as both a prosecutor and a defense lawyer.

As a San Bernardino Criminal Defense Attorney he has represented thousand of people including his representation of one of the individuals charged in what was the longest and most complicate criminal case in the history of San Bernardino County.   The case resulted in a full dismissal for his client.   His focus in San Bernardino has allowed him to serve his clients who want a discreet and skilled defense lawyer. 

Dyke Huish is a California Certified Criminal Law Specialist and has a Master Degree in Psychology, which allows him to have a deeper insight to you problem.   Please call 949-837-8600 for a free consultation.

Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer Dyke Huish  (949-837-8600)


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