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Juvenile Law Case Results

Felony Robbery Charges - Never Filed -  

Mr. Huish's client was a local teenager that had been involved with stealing from kids by threatening them.  The situation was made worse because all of the people involved were under the age of 15.  The police came to the school and pulled the juvenile from his classroom and interrogated him for over an hour before his parent s were called  By then the boy had confessed to taking the money by threatening the other children.  


But the story was more complicated than that and there was a long history between all other the people involved.  After further investigation by Mr. Huish and a hearing at the School Board, the case was dropped and no charges were ever brought against the young man.  

Drug Case - Dismissal and Return to School

Mr. Huish's client was the daughter of a local family.  A popular young girl that had traditional received good grades and excelled at soccer she recently had become deeply involved with drugs and alcohol.  Her grades dropped dramatically and she lost her spot on the High School Soccer team.  To make matters worse she was arrested for having prescription medication, that did not belong to her,  in her locker.  She was suspended from school and taken to Juvenile Hall.


At the Detention Hearing, Mr. Huish persuaded the Court to release the young girl back to her family.  Working with her parents, the school, the Judge and her new therapist a plan was formulated to help her solve not only her legal troubles but also her growing dependency on illegal prescription medication. The result of everyone's dedication was not only a full dismissal of the case but a return to school and the team.  


Arson - Dismissal

Mr. Huish's client was a fine young man that made a silly mistake.  One day he was doing what we all know we should not be doing, but still sometime do, playing with fire in his backyard.  Unfortunately the fire quickly got out of control and a detached garage was burt to the ground.  The fire department was called along with the police who arrested the young man for intentionally starting a fire.  


The young man was released at the detention hearing back to his parents and after months of demonstrating that not only was this an accident but this young man was an exceptional student.  After much testimony and litigation the Court reduced all the charges to misdemeanors and ultimately allowed the case to be dismissed in full.

Dismissal  -  Grand Theft

Mr. Huish's client was a young teenage girl who stole several pairs of jeans form a local department store.  The three pair of pants had a combined value of well over a thousand dollars.  The young lady was arrested for Commercial Burglary and Grand Theft.  The District Attorney brought Felony Charges against her in Court.  



Mr. Huish worked with the family and the Court to find a solution to not only the legal problems but also the personal issues which had brought her into the system in the first place.  In large part she had not stolen out of need or even want but rather due to a series of personal issues which once resolved allowed the Court to better understand how to resolve the case.  The result was a full dismissal and a sealed record.  But more importantly, the young lady and her family discovered how better to resolve what had been a growing problem.

Dismissal - Police Evasion and Drug Abuse

Mr. Huish's client was a teenager accused of felony evasion after a 10 mile chase through the freeways and streets of Laguna Niguel.  The young man had attempted to escape the police because he was using marijuana and was afraid of losing his license if he was caught.   The problem for the family was not only his drug abuse but also the fact that both parents worked and they needed him to be able to drive his sister to school each day. 


Mr. Huish came up with a novel plan that not only kept his license but also made sure he was not using drugs.  The Judge accepted the plan with the promise of monthly hearings to show that no drug use was taking place.  After nine months of clean tests the case was dismisssed.

Juvenile Sex Cases

Over the past twenty years Mr. Huish has successfully handle numerous Juvenile Cases where the issues have revolved around sex.   Because of the delicate and personal nature of these case he has chosen not to site examples of successfully managed cases.   His experience in representing children charged in Juvenile Sex Cases has ranged form the simple indecent exposure case, to cases involving sexual exploration, to the most complicated cases where the District Attorney has sought to charge the Juvenile as an adult.


Juvenile Sex Cases are very personal and require a delicate understanding of not only the law but the dynamics of family, psychology and the needs of the all the people involve.  These type of cases require immediate attention with an attorney often before even approaching a counselor or doctor who may have a duty to report an abuse.  


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