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Dismissal -  Adult Domestic Violence Case

Mr. Huish's client was a dentist in Orange County charged with Domestic Violence.  The client and his girlfriend got into a fight after a night of drinking in a local restaurant.  During the argument, the women began to verbally assault the client and ultimately told him of multiple affairs she had been having.  The woman claimed she had been hit and pushed her out of the car.   

After extensive investigation, Mr. Huish set the case for trial.  Evidence was uncovered of her past abusive ways and that she had not sustained an injury due to any physical violence.  Upon seeing the evidence, pre trial, the D.A. agreed to dismiss all charges.  The client was able to return to work and avoided a conviction which could have substantial damaged his exceptional reputation in the community.  

Dismissal -  Newport Beach Domestic Violence Case

Mr. Huish's client was a local businessman with a Real Estate Brokerage Firm who was charged with Domestic Violence and Criminal Threats.  After a more than 15 years of marriage the client was told that his wife wanted a divorce.   The wife claimed that the client had made countless threats to do her bodily harm and also slapped her.   The case was complicated by the fact the couple had minor children together and she was asking for full custody.  

Mr. Huish was able to subpoena documents, phone records and text message records to show that she had exaggerate her claims.  Additionally, it was determined that she had made many of these claims knowing that if a Domestic Violence charge was sustained he would lose custody of the children.  After presenting the evidence to the D.A. and Court the case was dismissed.  The results of the false claims also assisted in helping the client to secure substantial child custody rights without limitations. 

Dismissal - Laguna Beach Child Abuse Case

Mr. Huish's client was arrested, taken to jail and charged with Child abuse after he slapped his 16 year old son across the face.  The minor had been caught stealing money out of the jacket of a few guest who were visiting the client.  When the father confronted his son for stealing, the boy became verbal abusive and denied stealing the money.  After ten minuets of arguments the father found the money in the boys pocket.  The boy became hostile and the client did in fact slap the boy across the face.   Police were called by the boy and the client was taken to jail.

Mr. Huish obtained witness statements and evidence of the teft.  However, the prosecution insited that a slap was child abuse.  After numerous motions and the threat of a jury trial the D.A. made numerous offers to reduce the charges. However, Mr. Huish stood firm and the case was dismissed at trial.

Reduced Charge - Irvinve DUI with Child Endangerment

Mr. Huish's client was charged with a Felony DUI and Child endangerment after the client was stopped for speeding and had her two minor children in the car.  The client had admitted to drinking several glasses of wine that evening and did drive her children home with a Blood Alcohol content of .11.   She was arrested DUI, taken to jail and subsequently charged with a Felony DUI and Child Endangerment.  Mr. Huish was able to establish that this was not a felony, and that while she was in fact guilty of the DUI at no time had the children been in danger. The child endangerment charges were dropped and she was allowed to plead guilty only to a misdemeanor DUI with only the basic and minimum requirements as a punishment.

Not Guilty Jury Trial - Anaheim Domestic Violence

A young United States Marine Sergeant was accused of hitting his girlfriend after she had tried to take the keys and drive away while seriously intoxicated.  Mr. Huish pushed the case to trial and after five days of trial, the jury deliberated for less than ten minuets before returning a Not Guilty Verdict on all charges.  


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